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Your uterus is your First Brain!
If she is out of place then, the whole woman is out of place!
 ~Ancient Mayan belief

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    Hello! My name is Uta and I am Genevieve Siegel’s uterus.  I was a late bloomer and didn’t start my womanly cycle until I was 17 years old.  I barely shed any blood and was not in any pain.  I also didn’t cycle every month, which at the time was not of any concern (so I thought).  At the time, Genevieve wasn’t sexually active, so worrying about pregnancy was not a factor and she was very athletic, so it seemed like a blessing not to have a menses or not much of one.

    When Genevieve became sexually active, she went on the Pill, which had a profound affect on me, Uta, her uterus.   I bled heavier and cramped more. It seemed like the opposite reaction as most women. As the years went on, I felt worse and my owner seemed disconnected from me and her body.  I tried to tell her I needed some attention and she ignored me. At age 30, I tried to get her attention by developing a cyst on my ovary, which caused Genevieve a lot of pain.  This got her attention for a little bit.

    When she (Genevieve) took the Depot Lupron for 6 months, I felt like I was shriveling.  The estrogen was being taken away from me and it simulated a mini-menopause. Then, when that didn’t work, she took the pill, which did nothing and then had surgery.  All these treatments and no cure or relief and a lot of side affects. Then, the Doctor had a great plan for us to get pregnant.  I always wanted to be a safe and loving home for a baby. My owner was married and had a great job, it was a “perfect” time to conceive. 


    I was shot up with dye, and poked, prodded with fertility tests. Then, the doctor told me that I wasn’t ovulating…well duh…the Doc’s gave me medication that prevented me from being balanced and producing the proper amount of estrogen. So what was the answer for western medicine? They prescribed Genevieve more medication, this time, Clomid, to stimulate her hormones.


    Shortly thereafter, poor Genevieve had to contend with panic attacks and once again I was ignored. After many years, she finally came around.  I have to give Genevieve props for going through the healing and transformations. She finally took a course that directed her back to me.  She took the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ (ATMAT™) Personal Care class and the Professional training course.  She learned more about me and where I was supposed to be in her body and my normal function and why I was not functioning right. Furthermore and more excitingly, I had a baby inside of me.

    The Mayan’s believe and I agree, that the uterus is a woman’s first brain. That would be me, Uta. That if I’m not in the right position and flowing correctly, I can’t communicate with my owner’s brain in her head to send the right amount of hormones to the appropriate areas.  My being displaced can cause a myriad of pathologies as mentioned on our Home page.  It is amazing that women are not taught at a younger age about there own bodies and what major function we, the uteris, play.


    Through the ATMAT™ techniques, I, now, have a voice and Genevieve is now more connected with me and is taking care of me. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been. I'm here to share information to help you heal your uterus.

    To Read My Blog, click here: Uta The Cuterus (Cute Uterus). To read more about Genevieve, click on the About Us page. To contact me via email: Uta@healthyuterus.com.

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